Watch NHL live stream online for free with a VPN

Welcome to NHL page! On this page you’ll find instructions for watching NHL matches for free. These instructions apply to all regions of the world!


Here’s a way how you can watch NHL games for free from foreign TV channels

NHL’s regular season games are generally behind a paywall by default in almost all regions

Some NHL matches are still watchable from free public TV stations and you can also watch them online. So basically, you’re left with two options:

  1. Go around country restrictions with a VPN connection
  2. Buy an expensive TV subscription package

With a VPN service at your disposal, you can circumvent the country restrictions on broadcasting and enjoy NHL live streams for free in your location.

Unfortunately, the public broadcasting networks don’t have rights to all the games during the season, but you can watch free streams almost every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays featuring selected match ups. All you need is a good-quality VPN app to access them.

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Quick guide to streaming NHL games with a VPN

  1. Start up your VPN app or purchase one through our website
  2. Connect the VPN to the requested location
  3. Open the link to the stream and enjoy

NHL (National Hockey League)

NHL is a professional ice hockey league that is played in Northern America. Most of the franchises are based in the United States, where as the rest hail from Canada. NHL is considered to be the highest level for professional ice hockey and it’s the fifth richest professional sports league in the world by revenue behind NFL, MLB, NBA and English Premier League. The grand trophy Stanley Cup is presented to the season winner annually.

Choose your channel for free NHL streams

CBC Canada

CBC ⋆ Canada

CBC, an acronym for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, is a free public TV network. It is funded by the Canadian government and commercial advertisers. This means that CBC broadcasting is available to all Canadians through TV-cable and online streaming. Because ice hockey is a beloved sport to the Canucks, broadcasting NHL games is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, they don’t have a licence to all season games, but they do broadcast live games on weekends, mostly including Canadian teams and selected playoff matchups.

On a normal weekend you can expect 1-2 games per night during the regular season on Saturdays and Sundays. You can easily check the upcoming broadcasting schedule from the CBC website. CBC’s streaming quality is excellent and our recommended VPN apps work with their broadcasts.

Link 1:

Commentary language: English

VPN server: Canada

CBC Gem Canada

CBC Gem ⋆ Canada

Gem is the streaming service for CBC, where alongside NHL games you can watch all sorts of entertainment live or from their library similar to Netflix. NHL broadcasting hours are the same as the traditional CBC TV channel’s.


Commentary language: English

VPN server: Canada

TVPlayer United Kingdom

TVPlayer ⋆ United Kingdom

TVPlayer is only available for people inside the United Kingdom. It’s an online TV service that streams many UK-based TV channels. TVPlayer is a subscription-based service, but they do also have free-to-air programming on few channels. One of them is Freeports, which as the name suggests, is mostly about sports. Freesports doesn’t have full licencing rights to NHL seasons, but it does broadcast some matches live. You can also catch up NHL highlights and occasional KHL and Swedish hockey league SHL games.

You need to sign up for a personal account to access Freesports and registration asks you for a UK postcode. Any UK-based zip code is fine, so you can google it easily.


Commentary language: English

VPN server: United Kingdom

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