Stream NFL games for free online with a VPN

Welcome to NFL page! On this page you’ll find instructions for how to watch the NFL season for free. These instructions apply to all regions of the world!


Watch NFL games online for free from foreign TV channels with a VPN

The American football league NFL’s regular season begins traditionally in September and it culminates in the biggest individual sports event in the world – the Super Bowl!

In many countries the NFL streams are only available on subscription-based platforms. A VPN application costs you only a fraction of the price of a TV channel subscription!

NFL broadcasts

NFL (National Football League) is the top level of American football. On this page you’ll find instructions for how to watch NFL games live online for free and legally with a VPN connection!

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Quick guide how to watch NFL online for free in your location

  1. Start up your VPN app or purchase one through our website
  2. Connect the VPN to one of the requested locations
  3. Open the link to the stream and enjoy

Available options for live streaming NFL games online


A good-quality VPN service makes it possible to watch most of the entire NFL season, including the regular season, playoffs, and the Super Bowl. A VPN costs only a fraction of a cable TV package.

We’ve listed free foreign TV channels on this page that have broadcasting rights to the NFL season. These channels, however, have broadcasting rights only within their home country. Therefore, the streams are very likely blocked in your current location, but you can get around these geo-restrictions easily with a VPN application. We’ve tested the streams of these channels ourselves and determined them to be good quality and easy to access.

VPN opens new possibilities on the Internet: No country restrictions, more anonymity and free sports and entertainment!

TV subscription

NFL seasons are mostly streamed on subscription-based TV networks. They have great streaming qualities, but even just one-month subscription is usually more expensive than what a VPN will cost you in a year.

The benefits of domestic TV channel packages are top quality programming and commentary in your native language, but this doesn’t justify the high price tag a lot of the times in our humble opinion. Also, you rarely have any say in the contents of the subscription package, so you often end up paying for content that you don’t consume.

VPN app gives you access to numerous high-quality free-to-air channels for a miniscule price tag, broadens your Netflix library, and makes it possible for you to enjoy, for example, free Formula 1, MotoGP, ice hockey and football broadcasts from geo-restricted locations!

Free NFL channels and instructions to live streaming

The following TV channels broadcast American football league NFL matches for free online

7Mate Australia

7Mate ⋆ Australia

7Mate is an Aussie free public TV channel founded in 2010. It’s part of Seven Network. They regularly stream NFL games throughout the regular season, playoff and of course the Super Bowl! Just connect one of our recommended VPNs to an Australian server and you’re good to go, but for the stream to work properly, you might need to turn off your AdBlocker!


Commentary language: English

VPN server: Australia

ProSieben MAXX & ProSieben Germany & Switzerland

ProSieben MAXX & ProSieben ⋆ Germany & Switzerland

ProSieben and ProSieben MAXX are part of ProSiebenSat. 1, which is the second largest private TV company in Germany. ProSieben is their first TV channel, and it has been broadcasting since 1989, whereas MAXX has been operating since 2013.

Most of the NFL games are being broadcast on MAXX and currently they stream at least one game every Sunday until the end of regular season. ProSieben on the other hand usually streams the season kick off game, some games from the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

To watch the streams just connect our recommended VPN to a German or Swiss server. The network itself doesn’t require you to sign up for an account.

Link 1:
Link 2:

Commentary language: German

VPN server: Germany / Switzerland

Puls 4 Austria

Puls 4 ⋆ Austria

Puls 4 is the fourth public TV channel in Austria alongside ORF Eins, ORF 2 and ATV. No registrations required for streaming, games are usually broadcast on Sundays.


Commentary language: German

VPN server: Austria

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