Watch Spanish LaLiga live for free using a VPN

Welcome to LaLiga page! On this page you’ll find instructions how to watch Spanish LaLiga matches for free. These instructions apply to all regions of the world!


Watch LaLiga football broadcasts for free online with these instructions

The highest level of Spanish football, Primera División, or more commonly known as “LaLiga”, is one of the biggest and most followed football leagues in the world.

LaLiga is quite possibly the toughest football league in Europe since it includes some of the Europe’s most successful football franchises, such as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The clash of these two sports titans is known as “El Clásico”. The Spanish LaLiga includes 20 franchises and season includes 38 matches per team. Primera División’s regular season starts usually in August and concludes in May.

In vast number of regions LaLiga broadcasts are available only on subscription-based streaming services and TV channels.

But you can watch free public TV broadcasts of LaLiga online for just the price of a VPN!

You don’t have to buy an expensive channel package to watch LaLiga live online if you use a VPN app. Some foreign media companies broadcast Spanish LaLiga matches live on their streaming services. These livestreams, however, are often blocked from outside the broadcasting country. Most of the time the reason for this is licensing rights, which limits global broadcasting.

By using a VPN, you can circumvent these local restrictions and watch LaLiga matches live online with excellent picture quality and without annoying pop-up ads. It’s also worth noting that VPNs are often the cheapest way to watch LaLiga matches.

Underneath you can find a list of free TV networks and instructions how to watch LaLiga and El Clásico matches between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona for free.

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Quick guide to watching LaLiga matches online with a VPN

  1. Subscribe to or start up your VPN application (you can find our recommended VPN apps with reviews on our site)
  2. Connect the VPN to a suggested location, where the broadcast or stream is coming from
  3. Open the link to the recommended TV channel or streaming service and watch LaLiga Matches live

Barca – Atletico streaming live (El Clásico online stream)

El Clásico is the clash between two world-famous Spanish football teams: FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Every game between these two sports titans gathers the eyes of hundreds of millions of fans around the world. El Clásico occurs at least twice every season and there can be as many as nine games per year between the two, if their paths cross in the Spanish Super Cup, Champions League, Copa del Rey and the European Supercup. These games are always a thrill ride with a lot of emotion and devotion.

MatchTV of Russia is known of broadcasting El Clásico on numerous occasions, so keep an eye out for MatchTV’s LaLiga broadcasting schedules!

LaLiga free streams and television broadcasts

Here you’ll find the websites, TV channels and streaming services that broadcast LaLiga matches for free online

MatchTV Russia

Match TV ⋆ Russia

Russian MatchTV broadcasts a lot of sports, including LaLiga games. The matches have Russian commentators and the streaming quality is great. On top of LaLiga, you can also watch Champions League, Formula 1 and Italian Serie A games, just the name a few. MatchTV doesn’t require its users to create an account, you only need to connect your VPN to a Russian server.


Commentary language: Russian

VPN server: Russia

TVPlayer / Freesports United Kingdom

TVPlayer ⋆ United Kingdom

The UK-based TVPlayer broadcasts LaLiga games through its Freesports TV channel. TVPlayer requires you to sign up to a personal account, at least for some of the broadcasts. This process luckily takes only a couple of minutes and doesn’t cost you anything. You can also find occasionally other football league and NHL ice hockey games on TVPlayer. Remember to connect you VPN to a UK server before turning the stream on. Then you can start watching Freesports here.


Commentary language: English

VPN server: United Kingdom

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