CyberGhost VPN review of CyberGhost VPN.

CyberGhost VPN in a nutshell

CyberGhost VPN was founded in 2011 in Bucharest, Romania, but nowadays they have an office also in Germany, where most of the software development is done. The VPN service currently has more than 30 million users worldwide and has grown into one of the best VPN services in recent years. The company’s server network is extensive and currently has more than 7000 servers in 90 countries and 112 locations. CyberGhost VPN does not keep any log data from its clients and data is secured by using the 256-AES block encryption method.

CyberGhost VPN is ideal for home and small businesses as seven devices can be protected with one subscription. The app also works great with streaming services like Netflix. All new users get 14–45-day money-back guarantee depending on the length of the subscription, so in case you’re not satisfied, you have a right to cancel the sub a get a full refund.

Pros and cons of CyberGhost VPN

+ Pros

  • Over 7000 servers in 90 countries
  • Install on seven devices with one subscription
  • Max 45-day money-back guarantee
  • In-built streaming features
  • Adblocker and malware security
  • No logs
  • Fast connections
  • No ads
  • Affordable price
  • Includes Russian servers


  • Your native language might not be included (yet)

Payment options

You can subscribe to CyberGhost VPN with debit and credit cards, PayPal wallet and BitCoin. Accepted credit cards include American Express, Master Card and Visa. Unfortunately, you can’t subscribe as of now through traditional online banking.

Subscribe to CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN’s features in a nutshell

256-bit AES Encryption

Internet access is protected by 256-bit AES encryption, which takes decades to hack. Therefore, your password, bank account number, and other personal information will always be safe from hackers.

Automatic Kill Switch

Automatic Kill Switch disconnects your device from the Internet if the VPN stops working for whatever reason. This way, your personal IP address will always remain hidden.

No logs

CyberGhost VPN does not keep records or log information about which sites their customers surf on or what files they download. The data cannot, therefore, be disclosed to public authorities or other parties, as they simply do not exist.


Ads can be very annoying, but CyberGhost VPN blocks them automatically. This is a very handy feature, especially on mobile devices.

Protect all your devices

You can protect up to seven devices at once with one subscription. In addition to your computer, you can protect your phone and tablet, among other devices.

Supported protocols

CyberGhost VPN uses OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec and PPTP protocols.

Blocking malicious content

CyberGhost blocks access to sites whose content is classified as malicious. The app’s built-in malware detection program checks the URL of the site you’re entering and blocks access to the site if the site contains anything harmful, such as malware.

More than 7000 servers in 90 countries

A comprehensive range of servers ensures that connections play smoothly. A large number of locations makes it easy to circumvent country-specific restrictions used by websites.

Anonymous torrenting

The app has a built-in Torrent Anonymously feature. This feature allows torrents to be downloaded 100 % securely and anonymously. And the files you download cannot be traced back to you.

Site blocking

The content of many sites and streaming services is restricted or completely blocked from foreigners. CyberGhost VPN has a built-in feature that allows you to access geo-blocked content and streaming services directly through the app with a touch of a button.

Enjoy free entertainment with CyberGhost VPN

Streaming with CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN works great with a variety of streaming services. The app has a built-in Unblock Streaming function, through which you can directly find the best servers and locations for the most popular streaming services. CyberGhost’s built-in Streaming list includes almost all popular streaming services as well as foreign TV channels. You can also customize the list and add your own favorite online TV channels.

Servers and locations

CyberGhost currently has over 7000 servers in 90 different countries. Servers are located in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. The number of servers is therefore very extensive and CyberGhost is constantly expanding their server portfolio to provide their customers with the best possible user experience and fast connections.

Current server locations

Albania, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Belarus, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Croatia, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, India, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, South Korea, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Moldova, Macedonia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Thailand, Taiwan, Ukraine, United States, Vietnam, South Africa.

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Like many other VPN apps, CyberGhost VPN is compatible with all major devices and operating systems. It can be installed on most Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, and Raspberry Pi devices. Its mobile version is one of the best VPNs for Android and iPhone. Alongside computers, phones and tablets it can also be installed on most routers.

Devices and platforms

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac, iPad, iPhone
  • Linux
  • Chrome


  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Customer support and instructions

CyberGhost’s customer support can be contacted through live chat on their website. The site also has a very comprehensive Help section, which includes detailed installation instructions for each supported device and operating system.

The FAQ section is also very extensive and provides answers to pretty much everything related to the app.

CyberGhost VPN experiences and summary

We tested CyberGhost VPN throughout before deciding to include it in our list of recommended VPN apps. The experience was, in fact, so good that it deserves our high recommendation!

We can’t really find any negatives from CyberGhost. The connections are great, the security is top-notch, and it has a wide range of features such as blockers for ads, malware and malicious content and easy access to streaming platforms with the Unblock Streaming.

One subscription allows you to install the app on seven different devices, which makes it perfect for families and a group of friends. The app has also a very affordable price tag.

✓ An affordable VPN!
✓ Great for mobile
✓ Adblocking
✓ Fast connections
✓ Fast customer support

Go! Go!