Watch Formula One online for free with a VPN

Welcome to Formula One page! On this page we’ll offer you instructions for watching the Formula One races for free. These instructions apply to all regions of the world!

Formula 1

Watch F1 online for free with a VPN connection

In most countries F1 streams and broadcasts are usually on paid TV networks that cost hundreds of dollars per year, but a VPN app costs just a couple of dollars per month and you can see all of them without a problem.

Watch all Formula 1 season broadcasts online for free anywhere in the world from foreign public TV networks and streaming services

You have two options for watching Formula One live

VPN connection

With a VPN connection you can watch all Formula 1 races live for free online from foreign TV channels. searches and tests public broadcasting networks globally and we gather the best available options here on the site. If you don’t have a VPN and you’re located outside of the country where the broadcast is being made. you can’t access the streams because of IP blocks. VPN allows you to connect to a server that is located in the country, which changes your physical IP address and you can watch the broadcasts as if you were there.

These free TV channels are pretty much on par with paid TV packages when it comes to broadcasting quality.

TV subscription

Paid TV networks offer channel packages for F1 broadcasts, but they tend to be very expensive – especially when considering, that you often have to pay of extra pork that you’re not consuming if you’re only interested about the F1. On paid TV you can enjoy a wide selection of programming and most likely commentary on your native language or at least in English, but for a lot of people who just want to enjoy the F1, the bigger price tag isn’t really worth it.

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Quick guide to Formula 1 Live streaming online for free from anywhere

  1. Start up your VPN app or purchase one through our website
  2. Connect the VPN to the requested location
  3. Open the link to the stream and enjoy

What is Formula 1 (F1)

Formula One, or simply F1, is an international auto racing sport and organization. It’s widely considered widely be the highest level of motor sports. F1 is governed by FIA, the International Automobile Federation. Formula One gets its name from the common rules of the sport. Just like in any other individual motorsport, the winner of a race is the driver who finishes a pre-determined number of laps first.

F1 originates from Europe and its rules were standardized by FIA in 1946. The first official Formula One season was held in 1950. One F1 team has a maximum of four driver, two of which are the main contestants throughout the season and two other drivers serve mainly as stand-ins and test drivers. Each team also employ a support staff of technicians and engineers who play a vital role in the driver’s success.

The standard distance for a race is 300 kilometers or 190 miles and there’s about 20 races held each season. The number of teams is 10 with two competing cars each, although the highest numbers of cars in a race is 26 by FIA rules. Races are traditionally held on Sundays with average break of two weeks between each one. One race is a weekend long event that starts with two practice sessions on Fridays, a third practice session and qualifiers on Saturdays and concludes with a two-hour race on Sundays.

TV channels for F1 free streaming

MatchTV Russia

MatchTV ⋆ Russia

MatchTV is a Russain free sports channel. The channel is watchable only from Russian locations, so your VPN needs a Russian server location. MatchTV broadcasts live all F1 races, qualifiers and practice sessions. You don’t have to sign up to stream MatchTV. A small minus is Russian commentary, which is understandable since we’re talking about a local public TV station – unless you speak Russian, of course! But the biggest upside a great quality stream that provides massive amounts of sports entertainment.

On top of Formula 1, MatchTV streams also football from such high-level leagues such as UEFA Champions League, Europa League, La Liga and Bundesliga. You can also spot some free pay-per-view boxing and martial arts events such as UFC.

Connect VPN to Russian location, tune to MatchTV and enjoy Formula 1 and other sports!


Commentary language: Russian

VPN server: Russia

ServusTV Austria

ServusTV ⋆ Austria

Austrian ServusTV cooperates with other Austrian TV-channel, ORF, for full F1 season broadcasting. Both channels broadcast half of the season on their part, so remember to check which race is on which channel. Both channels will also broadcast the Austrian GP for free. The streams don’t require you to sign up for an account, just follow the link and connect your VPN to an Austrian server. The broadcasting quality is excellent ja you can also watch the past GP as a VOD in case you missed it!

Alongside Formula 1, ServusTV also has broadcasting rights to MotoGP and Champions League!


Commentary language: German

VPN server: Austria

ORF Austria

ORF ⋆ Austria

Austrian ORF network broadcasts all it’s programming live online. There are four channels in total; ORF Eins, ORF 2, ORF and ORF Sport. ORF network broadcasts all Formula 1 GPs live online, but you need to check which of the channels are streaming. It also shows a lot of other sports, including basketball, football, handball and highlights of different sport events.

Connect VPN to Austria location, tune to ORF and enjoy Formula 1 and other sports!


Commentary language: German

VPN server: Austria

GloboPlay Brazil

GloboPlay ⋆ Brazil

GloboPlay is a Brazilian TV channel that has broadcasting rights for Formula 1 races, although the number of races broadcast have been varying each season. The broadcasts always begin 10 minutes before the race start. GloboPlay only shows the races, not qualifiers or practice sessions. Before watching you’ll have to register a personal GloboPlay account using either Facebook or e-mail address (easy and fast).

Connect VPN to Brazil location, tune to GloboPlay and watch Formula 1!


Commentary language: Portuguese

VPN server: Brazil

Network Ten Australia

Network Ten ⋆ Australia

Australian channel Network Ten broadcasts the Australian GP free of charge on their homepage. The stream doesn’t require registration and is watchable only in Australia. Therefore you’ll need to select Australian location on your VPN. Channel Ten and Channel One also show plenty of other Australian programming, so it’s not only good for Formula races. Top of everything it’s Australian channel and all programs are available in English.

Connect VPN to Australian location, tune in on Network Ten and watch Formula 1 and much more!!


Commentary language: English

VPN server: Australia

TF1 France

TF1 ⋆ France

TF1 is French private, free TV channel. On many previous seasons TF1 has streamed several F1 races live in the past seasons, the most common choices being Monaco, France, Italy and USA Grand Prixes.

Connect VPN to France and tune in!


Commentary language: French

VPN server: France

Channel 4 United Kingdom

Channel 4 ⋆ United Kingdom

British Channel 4 was without a doubt one of the favorite channels amongst Formula 1 fans still on season 2018. After 2019 they lost the F1 broadcasting rights, but they still broadcast the British GP live evey season. This event is a good watch, since the qualifiers and even the practice sessison are shown live and with English commentary. Signing up to Channel 4 requires name, e-mail and postal code. Postal code can be any code in United Kingdom, which can be found easily from e.g. Google Maps. On top of F1 you can watch all other live programming Channel 4 has to offer.

Connect VPN to UK location, tune in on Channel 4 and watch F1 with English commentary!


Commentary language: English

VPN server: United Kingdom

  1. Connect VPN to United Kingdom
  2. Go to device settings and open applications
  3. Erase Google Play Store downloaded files and cache (everything important will remain in your device, these are unnecessary files)
  4. Force stop the application
  5. Open Google Play Store again
  6. Search ”All 4” app, install and open it
  7. Login to Channel 4
  8. Watch Formula 1 broadcasts and everything Channel 4 has to offer

TV8 Italy

TV8 ⋆ Italy

TV8 is an Italian free network that broadcasts that’s owned by Sky Italia. There are usually at least a couple Formula 1 races broacast every season. The usual races in the past have been Monaco, Great Britain, Italy, United States and Abu Dhabi Grand Prixes. They also broadcast all MotoGP races live for free every season, so racing fanatics have a lot to enjoy from this one!

Connect VPN to Italian location and tune in to TV8 for live Formula 1!


Commentary language: Italian

VPN server: Italy

RTSH Sports Albania

RTSH Sports ⋆ Albania

RTSH is the Albanian public broadcasting company and its programming is available in Albanian VPN location. RTSH broadcasts all Formula 1 races and qualifiers live. Although you need to note that it’s not the most reliable channel, so don’t count all on it.

Connect to Albanian location, tune in on RTSH and watch Formula 1 for free!


Commentary language: Albanian

VPN server: Albania

TV3 Slovenia

TV3 ⋆ Slovenia

TV3 Media Slovenija is owned by a Serbian media company Pink. TV3 is somewhat unpredictable and it is hard to say with certainty which races will be broadcasted during eachseason, although TV3 has the full rights for F1. Streams don’t require registration so you’ll only need to switch your VPN location to Slovenia.

Connect to Slovenian location, tune in on TV3 and perhaps you might see some Formula races!


Commentary language: Slovene

VPN server: Slovenia

Tencent Sports China

Tencent Sports ⋆ China

Chinese Tencent Sports has the broadcasting rights for F1, including practice sessions. The site is made easily usable when you translate it with Chrome browser. Watching the broadcast requires Chinese location, so it won’t work with all VPN apps. The channel itself is a bit questionable tough, when talking about stability.

NOTE! Tencent Sports requires now a local QQ-account, that can be a hassle to register (unless you have one already, plus probably isn’t too safe for your personal information either…), so we recommend using other primary channels.

Connect to Chinese location and try Tencent out today!


Commentary language: Mandarin

VPN server: China

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