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Welcome to boxing & UFC page! On this page we’ll offer you instructions how to watch boxing and UFC events for free. These instructions work also in the United Kingdom!

Boxing & MMA

Watch boxing, UFC and mixed martial arts online for free

There’s a huge fanbase for martial arts today. Whether it’s martial arts or traditional boxing, the major events always draw the eyes of millions.

Domestic public TV stations don’t broadcast major boxing, UFC or other martial arts events for free, as they’re more often than not pay-per-view events. But some of those events are available on foreign public networks via VPN connection!

It’s a rare occurrance to be able to watch a major boxing or martial arts tournament and championship fights on public TV stations, but they do exist. A high-quality VPN application is several times cheaper than paying for an expensive TV package and even pay-per-view fees are easily worth several years of VPN subscriptions.

Mixed martial arts exploded into the mainstream in the 2010’s with the help of such atheles as Connor McGregor and Rhonda Rousey. Floyd Mayweather Jr. was also the biggest and best-known high-profile boxer of the past decade, when he retired as the undefeated and undisputed world champion. The pay-per-view and TV subscription prices one has to pay to see such athletes perform live are often quite staggering, and if you’re a huge fan of either sport, following all the major events starts to become expensive quickly.

There are foreign streaming services and TV channels that you can access easily with a VPN. The VPN connection is essential while watching, because they’re more often than not blocked from foreign IP addresses, which VPN helps to circumevent.

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Quick guide to free boxing and UFC broacasts for VPN users in the United Kingdom

  1. Start up your VPN app or purchase one through our website
  2. Connect the VPN to one of the requested locations
  3. Open the link to the stream and enjoy

Find the free TV channels and streams below!


The current professional boxing scene consists of four major bodies or associations: WBA (World Boxing Association), WBC (World Boxing Coucil), IBF (Internaional Boxing Federation) and WBO (World Boxing Organisation). They all recognize each other when ranking the professional boxers and considering title unification rules. Each body sanctions and regulates championship fights. There are seventeen weight divisions for boxers and one boxer can be a champion in several divisions at a time (highest number is eight weight class championships by the legendary Manny Pacquiao).

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or simply UFC, is a Las Vegas-based mixed martial arts organization. It’s the biggest MMA promotion company in the world and its roster includes many of the most well-known athletes in the world. Originally in its inception in 1993 it got a decent coverage, but was for a long time considered to be for a niche audience in the martial arts community. Today UFC and MMA are synonymous with each other, becoming mainstream and hosting huge pay-per-view events all over the world.

Free boxing streaming sites for the United Kingdom

MatchTV Russia

MatchTV ⋆ Russia

Russian MatchTV is a definite must to a sports fan who is a VPN subscriber, since there’s so much different sports that it broadcasts. It’s a public TV channel in Russia and its main channel can be enjoyed by anyone residing in the country. You can’t watch it from outside the country, but VPN makes it possible if it has a Russian server – which our recommended VPN’s do have!

MatchTV broadcast the top bout between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr. for WBA, WBO and IBF championship titles. The PPV fees were around 50 euros, which is worth two years of VPN subscriptions for many service providers. You could watch the bout on MatchTV for just the price of the VPN, with no extra fees added at any time or even a need to sign up for an account. Just connect our recommended VPN to a Russian server, follow the link and MatchTV is at your disposal.

MatchTV also broacasts the entire season of Formula 1 and football games from top leagues such as Champions League, Europa League, La Liga, and Bundesliga, just to give a few honorable mentions. Definitely check out the schedules on their main channel!


Commentary language: Russian

VPN server: Russia

Free UFC streaming sites for the United Kingdom

KIJK Netherlands

KIJK ⋆ Netherlands

KIJK is a Dutch streaming service that offers its viewers high-quality TV entertainment and sports. There’s obviously Dutch programming, but many popular TV series can be enjoyed with the original English audio.

However, the best part is free upcoming ja past UFC broadcasts, which makes KIJK a great service for fans of martial arts! KIJK does not require a user account registration, just connect your VPN to the Netherlands. The service finances itself with advertising revenue, so it’s wise to turn off AdBlocker to make sure the streams work.


Commentary language: English & Dutch

VPN server: Netherlands

First Channel Russia

First Channel ⋆ Russia

Russian First Channel, or Channel One, is the first TV station in the Russian Federation. It covers all of Russia and it has over 250 million viewes globally. The channel’s language is obviously Russian, but they do occasionally broadcast some top-quality sports for their viewers. One of these events was the UFC 242 championship bout between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier.

First Channel doesn’t require you to sign up for an account, so all you need is a VPN with a Russian server and a web browser!


Commentary language: Russian

VPN server: Russia

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